Our patients the Joyce triplets celebrate their first birthday

Kristy and Justin Joyce say they wouldn’t change a thing after their triplets – Arlo, Nixon and Emmy – celebrated their first birthday on August 22. The couple say each has their own personality and their greatest joy is watching their interaction.

“They are good babies and pretty happy most of the time,” Kristy said. “The best thing is watching the interaction between each of them. They have started noticing each other a lot more now and that’s where their personalities are coming through.”

“Feed time isn’t really that bad although their sleep does vary sometimes. Fortunately, my mum and sisters help out along with Justin’s mum too. They are all crawling now and are just starting to get ready to walk. But it is happening all at the same time.”

Justin said they were taken by complete shock and surprise to learn they were expecting triplets with a long search needed to find a reference to multi-births on the paternal side of the family.

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